Speaker & Communication Training


“There are only two types of speakers in the world: The Nervous and The Liars.”  Mark Twain

Speaking to public and private audiences is both challenging and daunting. Get it right and both you and your audience are uplifted. Get it wrong and everyone leaves deflated and confused. 

All business professionals should receive some level of speaker and communication training as part of their career development. The need for ongoing coaching is more important for senior managers and business leaders who frequently need to engage, influence and inspire staff.

Dave Bryon has the benefit of a strong corporate background (former MD of an airline) coupled with his recent career as a professional business and after-dinner speaker. He has quickly developed an excellent reputation for his speaker and communication training workshops, which have been delivered across a wide range of business levels from CEO's to junior managers. 


Small group training workshops (6-8 people) last a full day and include video recording and assessment. They are very interactive and take people out of their comfort zones (nobody likes seeing themselves on TV!). More focused and bespoke 1-1 training sessions can also be arranged if required. Use the CONTACT page to get in touch and discuss the opportunities for you and your staff.

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Some Comments...

Many thanks for coaching our team to perform in front of the audience. You saw the results. There is no better satisfaction than seeing the genuine smiles of the audience & compliments paid at the conclusion of an event, and I have had both after the conference. Nina Sethi, ADP Dealer Services

Thanks Dave for the time you spent with our team working with them on their presentation and communication skills. They came back buzzing! They hated seeing themselves played back on video, but it was so important for them to see how they are viewed and perceived by clients and customers! Andy Taylor, BACT

Dave Bryon TV presenting showreel